18th September 2015

Our E.P 'We're All Gonna' Die' is out now! We're very excited! The album was produced by the one and only Scott Bennett (long-term member of the Brian Wilson band. Producer and co-writer of That Lucky Old Sun. Performer on The Soft Bulletin by Flaming Lips. Performer with Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, Sheryl Crowe, Bruce Springsteen and many many more).

Hope you like it as much as we do!

You can buy it here.

17th July 2015

Tomorrow we are performing at two great events in North Cumbria.

Firstly, we're playing on the Audi Stage at the fourth Carlisle Music City (our fourth of four) alongside dozens of great Cumbrian bands. We are on at 4.20pm.

Then we are off to play at the Sticky Wicket Beer and Music Festival in Penrith alongside one of our favourite bands, Kontiki Suite.

We are onstage at 9.30pm, and promise not to have tried every single beer by then....

If you are in the vicinity, you should come down to one or both!

19th July 2015

People have been asking...

How on earth did a small unsigned band from Cumbria end up working with Scott Bennett, a producer and musician who has written with and produced Brian Wilson (as well as being in his live band) and most living music legends? (McCartney, Springsteen, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder...)

The answer is fairly simple. We asked him.

Our former bassist Jude Connelly had met Scott on a couple of occasions, and shared a Facebook post that Scott wrote, saying he wanted to produce some music between Brian Wilson tours.

I emailed him in the hope of asking him to produce one song, assuming not to hear back, but after a couple of months, the phone rang...

Scott not only wanted to do the song, but liked it so much that he wanted to produce a full 5 track EP.

"We're All Gonna Die!" is out Summer 2015. (Date TBC)

28th June 2015

We're very sad to announce that, despite getting 500 people to scream "Jude, don't leave the band!", last night's wonderful gig at Dent Beer and Music Festival will be Jude's last with mylittlebrother.

It was a hard decision for Jude, but he has decided he needs more time to focus on his own material.

Please do check out Jude's stuff online, and if you ever see The Jude Connelly Band on a line-up near you, I strongly recommend going to see them.

mylittlebrother's loss of a bassist is music's gain of a wonderful songwriter, a great singer and performer, and quite possibly the best guitarist I've ever met. Not to mention, a lovely man.

So long Jude, and thanks for all the bass. (There's a vague fish/hitchhiker's guide joke there somewhere).

19th June 2015


London! We're coming for you!

Tomorrow, we have two gigs in your fair city, in Camden and Stratford.

At 3pm, we're playing at Proud Camden for MusicBox Live, and being filmed in 4K for future broadcast online too. Later, at 9pm, we're playing an acoustic set at The King Edward VII in Stratford alongside our friends in Periscope View.

Both gigs are free entry. And both will be absolutely wonderful.

They will also be the live debut of our new Feelgood Summer Song "We're All Gonna Die!"

See you there...

12th June 2015

New EP to be produced by long-term Brian Wilson collaborator

We have some stupidly exciting news.

Our new EP "We're All Gonna Die!" is going to be released this Summer.

It is being produced in Los Angeles by long term Brian Wilson collaborator Scott Bennett.

Scott co-wrote and produced Brian Wilson's "This Lucky Old Sun" album, and has been a member of his live band for years.

He has also worked with Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, The Flaming Lips and dozens more legends.

And now he's working with mylittlebrother


5th June 2015

BBC Music Day

You may have seen quite a lot of us on BBC Look North recently. This is due to our involvement in a fantastic national BBC event, BBC Music Day.

We are very proud to be involved in the BBC Hadrian's Wall of Sound; a musical relay from Bowness On Solway to Wallsend along the course of the Roman wall.

We are performing in Carlisle at 7am, and will be going out on BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Radio Newcastle and, potentially, BBC Radio 3.

We are hugely grateful to all the folks at BBC Introducing for putting us forward for this unique and exciting event.

Previous Dates    
30.08.15 Solfest Cumbria
09.08.15 Northbound Festival Cockermouth
02.08.15 Kendal Calling Lowther Park, Penrith
18.07.15 Sticky Wicket Festival Penrith
18.07.15 Carlisle Music City, TBC Carlisle
26.06.15 Dent Beer & Music Festival Dent
20.06.15 King Edward VII Stratford
20.06.15 Proud Camden, London
05.06.15 Hadrian's Wall of Sound Carlisle
23.05.15 Millstone Rocks Golbourne
If We Never Came Down
Hey Stethoscope

Track List

1. Lovers of Life, Unite!
2. Nosedive
3. Over The Hill
4. Gold
5. My Hypocritical Friend
6. If We Never Came Down
7. Slow Dance
8. Profiteroles
9. Zeus
10. Sane Girls Are Boring
11. Paintwork
12. Song About Amsterdam

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Track List

1. Lovers of Life, Unite!
2. Hey Stethoscope
3. Neither Young Nor
4. Ghost Trains
5. Steve

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Track List

1. Daybreak Song
2. Nosedive
3. Disney Films
4. My Hypocritical Friend
5. 48 Blue Eyes

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Track List

1. We're All Gonna' Die!
2. Ghost Trains
3. Julie's Game
4. Steve
5. Obvious

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